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November Design Cheatsheet: Coffee Tables

We’ve made it quick and convenient for you to shop the trend for more, or for less, using our design cheatsheet. This November, we're focusing on how to style your coffee table.

Coffee table trend #1: Texture

Marble, gloss, stone, or glass, a beautifully textured coffee table sets the scene for the stylish accessories atop it. We love this MMF glossy black table with gold brass accents.

More: Balfour coffee table set by Hyde House, £5,030.00.

Less: MM Furnishings furniture range starting at £2,999.00.

Coffee table trend #2: Books

A stack of colour-coordinated books can transform a property for sale. Use it to tie in the colours between the rooms, and the aesthetics of the property as a whole.

More: New York by New York coffee table book by Assoulin, $250.00.

Less: MM Furnishings hard accessories packs come in an array of combinations to help your property stand out, starting at £318.50.

Coffee Table Trend #3: Trays

We added an elegant glass decanter and set of gold accented tumblers to this stunning faux marble tray, perfectly complemented by a mint green tinted coffee table.

More: Royal Stranger emerald sideboard £38,835.00

Less: MM Furnishings hard accessories packs can be tailored to your target audience's, starting at £318.50.


MM Furnishings is a family run interior design firm specialising in high-quality, stylish furniture. We use design to transform people’s homes into on-trend havens where life can be enjoyed to its fullest. Our tailored furniture ranges for international property investors, developers, and estate agents enable our clients to make better design choices that deliver curated style, quality and convenience. Combining a deep expertise in the property industry with an unrivalled team of designers and suppliers, we empower our clients to maximise their investment portfolios, with an unparalleled customer experience. Get in touch to connect with our design team who would be delighted to help you maximise your property’s value.

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