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Designing For Wellbeing: Colour & Ecological Paints

Updated: Nov 14, 2020

Colour is proven to enhance your mood, improve your wellbeing, and even enhance your home’s air quality. MM Furnishings spoke to Patrick Folkes, the Founder & Director of 100% ecological and sustainable business The Graphene Co, which distributes Graphenstone in the UK, to discuss how he’s revolutionising our homes’ air quality with his eco paints, the psychology of colour, and the three ways to transform your home with colour.

The psychological effect of colour

The psychological effect of colour is widely recognised over the centuries: colour can have a real impact on our mood and wellbeing. Every colour has a specific frequency and wavelength, influencing our brain, mood and hormones differently. This impacts us in many ways; from energy, to emotion, and even performance.

Departing from the fashionable all-grey interiors trend, MM Furnishings has always been an advocate on the power of colour to transform your space – in particular bold jewel tones. “MMF’s style is classic contemporary infused with colour. The influence gained from my Brazilian heritage where colour is used to evoke expression and emotions aims to bring additional life to our clients’ properties”, says Itala Santos, CEO & Founder.

We’re now partnering with Graphenstone, a sustainable, environmentally friendly, Nobel-prize winning paint manufacturer who just decorated Facebook’s new London HQ and are specified for the Six Senses Hotel at Whiteleys London, to reveal how to use colour to increase your property’s value.

Here’s our top three picks of its colours, and how to use it to evoke different moods and states of wellbeing in your property.

1. Balance and harmony: Green

Green is the colour of nature, tranquility, good luck, fertility, optimism, and health.

From Silver Moss to Chateaux and Kombu, Graphenstone illuminates the power of green with their diverse range of exquisite colours, plus 1,000 other luxurious matt colours, which are 100% sustainable and ecological.

With zero VOC’s, oil, plastic, micro-beads, formaldehyde, MIT, or any other nasties, plus fully recycled and recyclable packaging, we’re proud to provide our interior design clients with these high-quality, beautiful products, which are fully sustainable.

Talking on green, Patrick advises that “lovely cooler tints in green tend to engender feelings of calm and peace. Did you know that the human eye focuses the colour green directly onto the retina, which in turn makes it less straining on the muscles?”

MMF’s Top picks: White Tea, Artichoke, Olive

2. Calm and soothe: Blue

Blue is the colour of stability, reliability, peace, tranquility, calmness, and productivity.

From Cerulean, Prussian, to Duck Egg, Graphenstone contains lime content, which actively purifies your air; absorbing CO2 and other airborne toxins to clean your air and make your home healthier. It’s made from totally natural minerals, vegetable resins – all natural and harm-free. Itala praises blue for its ability to evoke a deep range of emotions, communicate luxury and peacefulness, whilst being highly-appealing to all the stakeholders in a property: investors, agents, and occupiers. “Blue is one of my favourite colours to design with because of its propensity to add value to a property’s value. From midnight blue velvet sofas to royal blue scatter cushions, blue is the most universally loved colour by tenants and buyers because of its ability to create calmness, serenity, and luxury.”

MMF’s Top picks: Wardour Blue, Venezia, Oxford.

3. Hope and energy: Pink

Pink is a colour with a variety of different implications on mood; from love, compassion and energy, to hope, understanding and comfort.

From Briar Rose, Tuberose and Old Lilac, Graphenstone contains Nobel prize-winning inert carbon graphene technology, the product has ground-breaking durability and is the strongest on the market, ensuring your air-quality is first-class. Patrick says that “rich warm tones (reds, orange, yellows) can influence feelings from strength to hostility and can even make you hungry (which is why it’s often used by restaurants and in the food industry), whilst pink can evoke tenderness, kindness and make people feel more hopeful and nurtured.”

MMF’s Top picks: Blush, Damask, Cinnamon.

We’d be delighted to help you increase your property’s value by incorporating colour. Get in touch with our team of designers, and browse and purchase Graphenstone’s selection of 1,000 interior and exterior paint colours via its site.


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